Hear now, o’ princes of the universe
I sing of mighty deeds of arms and men
Sent forth among the sea of countless stars
Beyond the fabled garden of Athene
I sing of Alcamenes, Spartan born
Brave son of Lycurgis, of battle bred
Who seeing fields of blood and hope forlorn
Forsakes his birthright, mourning honoured dead.
Remember Jorass of the Dolphonoi
Dark Naiad of the Panthalassa’s womb
Whose dance brings many death, and many joy
Grim harbinger of Peliokis’ tomb.
Look now on Lyciana, Winter’s Child
Whose healers oath compels her “do no harm”
Stands fast against the army at White Field
And Spartans weep for such a feat of arms.
Now tremble mortal, here walks Tai’jut Erke
Strange visitor masked well in Chiron’s form
Brings death through science’s unholy work
Dark Herald of Zoran’s oncoming storm.
Of Draco, beauteous youth of Athens born
Wise in the ways of books, but not of toil
By deed, to honour ancestors is sworn
Perhaps a bit too fond of baby oil?

Hellas - The Dogs of Hades

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