Hellas - The Dogs of Hades

The Healers Of Pylos Part 6
The plan comes together

Lenore, the head healer of the camp, was reluctant to leave as she considered it he duty to stay and help the wounded. She argued with Lyciana, saying it was unjustified for her to demand others to obey rules that she herself no longer followed. Lyciana picked her words carefully as she admired the woman’s self reliance. She managed to use a combination of guilt and persuasion to convince Lenore to leave without completely crushing her spirit.

When told she would be leaving with three of the best healers Darius was not happy. Lyciana informed him of the Zoran invasion and told him that she was ‘saving them for when they are most needed’. Lyciana hoped he would at least understand her reasons even if he did not like them. They return to Draco and Nasia and the group make the trek back to the Gorgo.

In the main Spartan camp a report was received that a Zoran mercenary was leading part of the resistance. Jorass took the opportunity to drop rumour s about a Zoran couple who came in ‘from opposite sides’ to spread confusion and weaken an enemy before a major Zoran attack. With the worry already present over ‘The Amazoran’ the rumours ran wild and the Spartan camps were quickly awash with misinformation.

As Draco, Nasia and Lyciana enter the ship they are greeted by Orion, the misguided Healer Alcamenes had rescued, demanding to be returned to his ‘beloved’. The Spartan openly tells a shortened version of how Orion had betrayed the Order and was actively using his gift at the Commandants request and in front of witnesses. Upon hearing the tale, Lyciana steps up and hits the boy sharply across the face. She informs him in a cold voice that if he ever does it again she will kill him herself.

As all the Healer now refuse to talk to the lad Alcamenes speaks to him. He convinces the boy to explain what truly happened in the Hellot camp as a means to regaining the Healers trust.

Commander Damycair was becoming more stressed as the report finally arrived that the Commandant of the Hellot camp had been killed. HE sent members of the Kyptia to the two remaining camps in preparation of additional trouble.

Jorass managed to convince the Commander that the Commandant was likely assassinated on Zoran orders. She suggests that, perhaps, the Kyptia allowed this to happen to undermine his authority so they could have him replaced. When the news comes in that it was a member of the kyptia that entered the Hellot camp shortly before the commandant was killed, his paranoia increased. He throws Jorass off and orders her to leave as he summoned his officers.

However, as Gorgos avatar is hidden in the generals tent the AI is able to relays what the officers are talking about to the rest of the group onboard ship. Yet, Gorgo is confused as they appear to be mentioning ‘long knives’ and she doesn’t understand. The heroes promise to explain later and have her avatar remain where it is.

As the last camp was much further than the others, the heroes moved Gorgo from her hiding place to within range. Alcameness leds the scout on the final camp. He suggested getting the resistance to attack as a distraction to rescue all the healers in the camp. Those of Panacea could then be taken aboard Gorgo and the others stay with the resistance. As Darius was still not that happy with Lyciana, the healer suggests Nasia goes to make contact with the resistance.

In the mountains, Darius was reluctant to take his men into such an uneven fight. He calls Nasia a ‘woman’ and she hits him. He hits back and there is a pause before the two kiss and embrace. After the inevitable, Nasia asks if he is willing to help her with the distraction. She explains that his men will only have to attack a patrol or two and not face the camp directly. He agrees.

As Alcamenes watches the final camp he sees some Healers escorted out by the Kyptia and executed. In the time it takes Nasia to return, Alcamenes witnesses at least 1 healer being executed every day. He make a mental not to repay the Spartans in kind for their actions.

Darius brings a squad of fighters with him and meets the heroes at the agreed point. Alcamenes explains what he had seen at the camp. None are happy with the news of the executions. The Spartan promises retribution and lays out the plan to Darius. He and his men are to draw out as many of the camp soldiers as they can so the heroes can get inside and liberate the healers. If necessary, Gorgo could fly herself in to extract the heroes. The group arrange a signal for the start of the attack and head off. Darius and Nasia wish each other luck and honour in the coming battle. Everyone then sets off for their designated areas for the coming attack.

The Healers of Pylos, Part 5
Meetings old and new

Jorass continued the guise of the dutiful servant and took every opportunity to drop hints that ‘the Amazoran’ was a greater concern than previous thought.

Back on the ship, Lyciana changed into her armour before she, Nasia and Draco escorted their ‘guest’ into the mountains. Nasia found their trail but they were unable to locate them before night fall. As they made camp that night their ‘guest’ tells them the tale of ‘Alcamenes the Butcher’ whose deeds were so brutal even the kryptia were shocked.

Meanwhile at the Hellot camp, Alcamenes boldly walked in just as he had for the last Spartan encampment. He demanded to be taken to the commander of the watch and was led, by a very shocked guard, to the ‘house of pleasures’. Disgusted at the man’s abandonment of his duty, Alcamenes drags the naked watch commander out into the camp and straight to the camp Commandant.

After slaying one of the door guards who refused to get out of his way, Alcamenes dropped the watch commander at her feet and informs her of him leaving his post. The Commandant is ruthless in her punishment and sends him to become a slave whore to the mercenaries.

The Spartan twists the truth to try and get her to reveal the information she sent to the High Commander. The commandant tells that she has discovered a way to heal even the most grievous of wounds. When Alcamenes demands a demonstration, the commandant calls in her scribe, Lysander, and cuts his throat. She then brings out a young man in healers robes and manipulates him to heal the dying solider.

Meanwhile, in the hills Nasia manages to lead the group up to the defenders new camp. Lyciana and Darius greet each other like old friend and, when questions, informs them that he did take the healers. They are safe at the Defenders main camp which is hidden deeper into the mountains. However, he is reluctant to tell the heroes of as they are filled with non-combatants. He promises to ask if Lyciana can be allowed to see them.

That night they are given the hospitality of the camp, Lyciana sees to the wounded and Draco sees to his weapons.

It is not long before Draco realises he is being watched by two young boys. He takes the lads under his wing and teaches them some basics of weapon training to aid them in their coming battles.

The following morning Darius calls for the heroes. He has permission to take Lyciana to the main camp, but only Lyciana. She manages to convincea reluctant Nasia to let her go.

At the Hellot Camp, Alcameness smiled at the finished demonstration. He makes a note of the guard who is healed as he knows he will need to deal with him later. Playing on the Commandants obvious ambition he writes her a new order giving her a mass promotionand offers it in exchange for all she knows of these ‘new Healers’.

She jumps at the chance and reveals all she knows of the Healers of Panacea, which is nearly everything. She becomes suspicious when he reveals he has similar knowledge. However, he finally signs the order and accept a glass of wine which deflects some of her suspicion. He paces the tent while running through future plans to distract her before stepping up behind her and running her through with his sword.

He cuts his way out the back of the tent and takes the Healer, Orion, with him. He stashes the boy in a hollow and goes back to hunt down the scribe Lysander. Once he gets the scribe away from the camp he does away with him and throws him in a ditch. He picks up the now unconscious healer and carries him back to the Gorgo.

Elsewhere, in the mountains, Nasia and Draco both take it upon themselves to train the defenders in the camp while waiting for Lyciana to return. They do much to encourage the defenders and shape them into a much more effective fighting force.

After a long trek through the mountains Darius questions Lyciana’s true reason for coming to the world. She tells the truth: that she is searching for lost healers. Darius can tell that it is not the whole truth however he does not push the issue and they continue to the hidden camp.

In the healers quarter, Lyciana is taken to the head healer. She immediately recognises the woman as one of Panacea. There is one other of panacea and a guardian who has survived by pretending to be a healer. The young man is over joyed at the prospect of going back to the temple but the head healer is less happy about the prospect of leaving given all the injured. Lyciana attempts to convince her by telling her the tale of how she once tried to heal a whole world and how attempting that here could reveal the whole order and doom them all.

The Healers of Pylos, Part 4
The hills are alive...for now

Lyciana was not happy when Iris informed her that she had been wearing a live bomb around her neck the entire time she was in the Spartan camp. However, she got on with telling the others about her new idea:

Run interference on the remaining Spartan Camps and drop enough clues for them to link it all back to ‘the Amazoran’. Use this as cover to get any remaining Healers of Panacea out then ‘reveal’ that Nasia is actually working for the Zoran Empire. With luck the Spartans will be out raged at the attempt to weaken them and declare war on the approaching Zoran forces to prove their dominance and show they will not be demoralized/diminished by any 2 bit, blue skinned, spy.

Nasia seemed outraged at the plan but Alcameness had to admit that it had some strategic merit. He suggested they finding vantage points and observe the camps to identify the healing areas to narrow the search areas.

Draco mentioned that the remaining defenders on Pylos may be of assistance. However, he was feeling unwell and could not go himself. Nasia volunteered to seek them out.

While the others contemplated the wider plan Alcameness sets out alone to watch the next camp. He found a good position and sat down to a long wait. He was able to determine that the healing quarter of the second camp was massively understaffed and also noted the patrol routes.

Meanwhile, in the main camp, Jorass managed to look through the messages Commander Damocyair had received. One stated that the 2nd camp had recently been attacked by the planets remaining forces and had taken heavy damage. Another was a demand for an audience from the Commander of the Hellot camp, saying that they had discovered something of great importance.

While tending to the Commander, she witnesses an arguement between him and the Black Clad Kryptia. The man manages to gain permission to widen the search for ‘the Amazoran’.

Nasia followed the defenders trail into the mountains and came across some advanced scouts. She identified them more as ‘civilians with weapons’ rather than true soldiers and after showing them the correct way to hold a spear she demanded to be taken to their commander.

The scouts took her to a well guarded cave and she is introduced, to her surprise, to the Zoran Darius. As Nasia was not with the Heroes when last they met the blue skinned warrior she was unaware of his separation from his home empire. Despite this they get on well and Nasia spends the night in his quarters.

At the 2nd camp Alcamenes finally made his way into the camp, choosing one of the patrol routes for his approach. He ordered the lead guard to organise some healers to go aid a patrol that had been attacked. However, the guard informed him that the resistance stole the majority of the healers when they attacked. He gets in to see those remaining but cannot identify any of Panacea. He gives the guard a dressing down as cover and leaves.

On the way out of the camp he is recognised by another Spartan in the camp. Volterus, an old comrade, who was not aware of Alcamenes defection. He avoids the mans questions while asking some of his own over a drink before departing. He finds out that the defenders broke into the camp specifically to raid the medical supplies and that the invasion was not going as smoothly as high command would like.

Alcamenes returned to the ship and informed Lyciana of what he learnt in the camp. He was amused by the fact that she had been running around after the Healers they had already rescued, stopping them from hurting themselves. Even she had to admit it was poetic justice as she finally realised everything she must have put the others through.

They come up with the plan to wait for Nasia to return and guide them to the defenders camp where they will trade the captured Spartan for their assistance and, hopefully, any Healers they now have.

Jorass continued to gather intelligence in the main camp.

In the defenders camp word comes in that a Spartan patrol is nearby. They immediately start to pack up but it is slow. Nasia offers to slow them down to give the defenders time to escape.

She tricks the patrol into following her then runs far enough ahead that they keep pursuing. A lucky shot from one of the following men hits her on the shoulder and burns through her armour. She fights through the pain and triggers a rock slide with her power bow.

She heads back to the Gorgo and stumbles into the ship were all the healers descend on her and see to her injury.

Once treated, Nasia relays what she has learnt, omitting her amorous relations with Darius. The rest of the heroes are surprised to hear of his involvement and Iris mention how happy Jorass will be to learn of his presence as they got on so well last time. Nasia does not look please at the suggestion.

The Healers of Pylos, Part 3
Best laid plans

After surveying the carnage at her feet Lyciana decided her best course of action with the head back to the healers side of the camp where she could be lost in the crowd. As if he was watching over her, the great god posiden sent a sudden rain storm to cover her movements across the camp and once she was back among the white clad masses she quickly cut her hair in the hold of throwing off any attempts to look for her.

Meanwhile, on the Gorgo, Nasia introduced herself to the others and explained her mission while Draco and Iris saw to removing the slave collar of the elder healer, Regina.
In the camp Jorass was seeing to the commander when the ‘Man in black’ came in. He reports that ‘the Amazoran’ had returned to camp and killed 2 men before stealing another healer. The Commander gives order for ‘The Amazoran’ is to be killed on sight. As soon as she is dismissed Jorass goes to seek out Lyciana.

She finds her in the field hospital as the same time Lyciana finds the 2 remaining Healers. Together they concoct a plan to escape: The others will cause a distraction on the outside perimeter while Jorass and Lyciana steal a shuttle and escape. They relay the information through Gorgos avatar.

Jorass mentions that she is in a perfect position to ‘remove’ the commander to add to the confusion but Lyciana states she would prefer not to kill him as a skilled tactician will be needed later to fight the Zorans.

Later that day, Alcamenes and Nasia made there way up to the Spartan Camp while Draco watched the rear. Lyciana and Jorass managed to sneak the healers through the guards towards the shuttle port, Jorass convincing the guards they were picking up medical supplies.

As they approached the waiting ship, Alcamenes realised that the circling guards were about to discover them. He ordered Nasia to get them clear and then charged the solider positioned on the bridge to draw attention. Nasia rushed to assist the cornered Healers and they managed to auto launch a shuttle that the rest of the camp security chased as a distraction.

As Alcamenes fought to hold the bridge Lyciana turned and declared her name. Faced with the ‘witch of the white field’ the whole army retreated.

After that, it was a simple matter of the heroes returning to the ship and removing the collars of the remaining healers.

It is only afterwards that they realised Jorass wasn’t with them.

The Healers of Pylos, Part 2
Plots,Plans and Patiences

Draco and Alcameness spent some time getting a lay of the land and making sure the information they had gathered stayed up to date.

Whereas, in the officers’ quarters, Jorass gave an impressive dance performance that led to her being ‘claimed’ by none other than Commander Damocyair himself. As it had been her intention to move ‘up the chain’ as she put it, she did nothing to hinder the transfer of ‘ownership’ and set about making herself useful to yet another master.

Meanwhile, Lyciana sort out Nasia and stated her intension to rescue the other Healers of the Order from the Spartan camp to prevent them from revealing them all. Nasia replied that she was only bound to protect Lyciana and, while she would help her, she would not hesitate to remove anyone who got in the way of her duty regardless of their affiliations.

After the Healer had gone Nasia received an invitation to have dinner with the Spartan commander. She was somewhat surprised to see Jorass acting as his body slave but recovered quickly. They shared some small talk and a pleasant meal. The commander came across as a practical and efficient man who saw blood shed as a necessary by product of his calling rather than something to be sort after.

Nasia though the meeting was going well, however Jorass recognised the glint in the commanders eye. He was suspicious of the warrioress. His probing questions about the Amazorans ‘friend’ confirmed her theory but she was unable to give any kind of warning without giving herself away.
Despite the mistrust, Nasia was still able to convince him to give her permission to leave the compound and search for her missing companion outside the walls with the aid of a healer, in case her friend was injured.

After she had left Jorass was ordered to pour more wine for the other guest. The nymph did so and was surprised when a second man detached himself from the shadows. The two confirmed that the Amazoran needed to be watched however Jorass was dismissed before she could hear more.

The next morning, worried that their already sketchy plan was under threat, Jorass found Lyciana and explained what had happened. The healer only replied that the opportunity to get one of the Healers out of the compound was too good to miss regardless of the risks. They must trust in the skills of their new ally. After all, the High Priestess had thought her able to protect Lyciana so she had to be a great warrior with a significant ability to handle ‘difficult’ individuals.

They agreed a location out of sight of the camp and relaid the information to Alcameness and Draco through Gorgos avatar. When Nasia arrived to collect her assigned healer she simply argued like a horse dealer with the overseer until she got on ‘sprightly enough to keep up yet with enough skill to be of use’ which just so happened to be the elder Healer of Panacea, Regina, that Lyciana pushed forward at the required moment.

Wearing his old Spartan regalia and accompanied by a far less convincingly disguised Draco, Alcameness cautiously approached the rendezvous and spotted the man following the pair they had been sent to meet. As Draco acted as decoy he surprised the man and questioned him. He learnt that the Commander has order the Amazoran to be followed before he knocked the man out and carried him away.

Meanwhile, Nasia spoke with Draco and, after some initial confusion over the young mans claims, agreed to follow him back to the ship.

Back in the healing quarter of the camp, the man who had spoken to the commander gathered the healers together and demanded to know who the Amazoran had spoken to. Attempting to misdirect his attention, Lyciana stepped forward and timidly said she was questioned over the types of injuries caused by specific weapons and the means of identifying them. This had the undesired effect of having her taken away for ‘further questions’. Fearing an outburst from the two remaining Healers of Panacea, Lyciana waited until she was out of the building and well away from the normal areas of the compound before attempting to break free.

She took down one of her escorts quickly but the second was much more difficult and she took several solid blows before finally dispatching him. As his body fell to the ground she once again found herself with dead Spartans at her feet and couldn’t help but recall the Battle of White Field and all the blood it had produced.

The Healers of Pylos, Part 1
The Spartan Invasion

Nasia of the Amazorans arrived at Pylos aboard a temple ship of Hermes. Unsurprising given the on going war, she was the only passenger disembarking. As more and more of the crew asked if she was sure she wished to land there she had to remind herself of the promise she had made to the High Priestess. ‘I will find your wayward child of Panacea and protect her from all things, even herself’ Never in all her time as a guardian had she had such a troublesome charge and she hadn’t even met her yet.

Once planet side she managed to convince the Spartan commander, Damocyair, to give her free reign so that she may ‘search for a lost friend’ under the promise that her actions would not interfere with the Spartan campaign.

Mean while, aboard the Gorgo, as they approached Pylos the heroes were debating how best to proceed with the ‘rescue of the Healers’ that Lyciana had insisted on. She had produced a surprising amount of information about the Spartan invasion and even Alcamenes raised an eyebrow at the level of intelligence she had acquired.

With the intel and Alcamenes personal knowledge they managed to get a detailed pictures of events on the ground and come up with an infiltration plan: Lyciana would pretend to be one of the captured healers and locate any of Panacea who had been forced into service. The others would then cause a distraction so she and her fellows could affect an escape.

Gorgo hid herself as she came into the system and then swooped down into the sky without being detected. With the help of Iris they managed to make a facsimile of the explosive slave collar the Spartans liked to use however, as it was not her field, Lyciana did not pay much attention as they explained their creation.

The intended method of insertion was for Jorass to lead Lyciana to a recently fought battle where she could begin tending the wounded and simply accompany them back to camp. Unfortunately they were spotted before they could reach the area and Jorass, much to Lyciana’s dismay, was forced to improvise. The pair ended up tumbling down a slope and landing at the feet of their pursuers. However, this did allow Jorass to instigate herself with the patrols officer and join Lyciana within the camp.

Once inside, Lyciana immediately tried to locate others of Panacea. Although, surrounded by the cries of the injured and dying, she found it hard to refrain from using her gift. Yet, she held to her purpose and dispensed only mundane levels of aid, even though it cost some their life.

It was then that she discovered one of her old order using her Panacea gift to ease the pain of an injured man. As she identified herself to the young woman a blue hand gripped her arm. Nasia had found her charge.

Pulling the two into a store room Lyciana asked the new Healer, Philipa, how many of Panacea she knew of. The young woman said she knew of 2 others, Davian and Regina, but was not sure if there were any in the other camps. Lyciana made the girl promise not to use her Gift for fear that she would reveal them all. Nasia, on the other hand, insisted that she and Lyciana leave immediately but the Healer refused to leave without the others. Nasia grumbled and left the healers to their shift while she considered all the problems her new charge had presented.

Once the healers long shift was over, Jorass managed to get away from her new ‘master’ and make contact. She explained that she was in a position to forge orders that would be very useful when the time came for them to escape. Lyciana explained the presence of Nasia as both a potential danger, given her single mindedness to her original mission, but also as a potential boon, if they could convince the mighty warrioress to join their cause.

Meanwhile, on the ship, Alcamenes and Draco began to prepare for the distraction that would allow their comrades to break free of the camp.


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