Hellas - The Dogs of Hades

The Healers of Pylos, Part 1

The Spartan Invasion

Nasia of the Amazorans arrived at Pylos aboard a temple ship of Hermes. Unsurprising given the on going war, she was the only passenger disembarking. As more and more of the crew asked if she was sure she wished to land there she had to remind herself of the promise she had made to the High Priestess. ‘I will find your wayward child of Panacea and protect her from all things, even herself’ Never in all her time as a guardian had she had such a troublesome charge and she hadn’t even met her yet.

Once planet side she managed to convince the Spartan commander, Damocyair, to give her free reign so that she may ‘search for a lost friend’ under the promise that her actions would not interfere with the Spartan campaign.

Mean while, aboard the Gorgo, as they approached Pylos the heroes were debating how best to proceed with the ‘rescue of the Healers’ that Lyciana had insisted on. She had produced a surprising amount of information about the Spartan invasion and even Alcamenes raised an eyebrow at the level of intelligence she had acquired.

With the intel and Alcamenes personal knowledge they managed to get a detailed pictures of events on the ground and come up with an infiltration plan: Lyciana would pretend to be one of the captured healers and locate any of Panacea who had been forced into service. The others would then cause a distraction so she and her fellows could affect an escape.

Gorgo hid herself as she came into the system and then swooped down into the sky without being detected. With the help of Iris they managed to make a facsimile of the explosive slave collar the Spartans liked to use however, as it was not her field, Lyciana did not pay much attention as they explained their creation.

The intended method of insertion was for Jorass to lead Lyciana to a recently fought battle where she could begin tending the wounded and simply accompany them back to camp. Unfortunately they were spotted before they could reach the area and Jorass, much to Lyciana’s dismay, was forced to improvise. The pair ended up tumbling down a slope and landing at the feet of their pursuers. However, this did allow Jorass to instigate herself with the patrols officer and join Lyciana within the camp.

Once inside, Lyciana immediately tried to locate others of Panacea. Although, surrounded by the cries of the injured and dying, she found it hard to refrain from using her gift. Yet, she held to her purpose and dispensed only mundane levels of aid, even though it cost some their life.

It was then that she discovered one of her old order using her Panacea gift to ease the pain of an injured man. As she identified herself to the young woman a blue hand gripped her arm. Nasia had found her charge.

Pulling the two into a store room Lyciana asked the new Healer, Philipa, how many of Panacea she knew of. The young woman said she knew of 2 others, Davian and Regina, but was not sure if there were any in the other camps. Lyciana made the girl promise not to use her Gift for fear that she would reveal them all. Nasia, on the other hand, insisted that she and Lyciana leave immediately but the Healer refused to leave without the others. Nasia grumbled and left the healers to their shift while she considered all the problems her new charge had presented.

Once the healers long shift was over, Jorass managed to get away from her new ‘master’ and make contact. She explained that she was in a position to forge orders that would be very useful when the time came for them to escape. Lyciana explained the presence of Nasia as both a potential danger, given her single mindedness to her original mission, but also as a potential boon, if they could convince the mighty warrioress to join their cause.

Meanwhile, on the ship, Alcamenes and Draco began to prepare for the distraction that would allow their comrades to break free of the camp.



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