Hellas - The Dogs of Hades

The Healers of Pylos, Part 3

Best laid plans

After surveying the carnage at her feet Lyciana decided her best course of action with the head back to the healers side of the camp where she could be lost in the crowd. As if he was watching over her, the great god posiden sent a sudden rain storm to cover her movements across the camp and once she was back among the white clad masses she quickly cut her hair in the hold of throwing off any attempts to look for her.

Meanwhile, on the Gorgo, Nasia introduced herself to the others and explained her mission while Draco and Iris saw to removing the slave collar of the elder healer, Regina.
In the camp Jorass was seeing to the commander when the ‘Man in black’ came in. He reports that ‘the Amazoran’ had returned to camp and killed 2 men before stealing another healer. The Commander gives order for ‘The Amazoran’ is to be killed on sight. As soon as she is dismissed Jorass goes to seek out Lyciana.

She finds her in the field hospital as the same time Lyciana finds the 2 remaining Healers. Together they concoct a plan to escape: The others will cause a distraction on the outside perimeter while Jorass and Lyciana steal a shuttle and escape. They relay the information through Gorgos avatar.

Jorass mentions that she is in a perfect position to ‘remove’ the commander to add to the confusion but Lyciana states she would prefer not to kill him as a skilled tactician will be needed later to fight the Zorans.

Later that day, Alcamenes and Nasia made there way up to the Spartan Camp while Draco watched the rear. Lyciana and Jorass managed to sneak the healers through the guards towards the shuttle port, Jorass convincing the guards they were picking up medical supplies.

As they approached the waiting ship, Alcamenes realised that the circling guards were about to discover them. He ordered Nasia to get them clear and then charged the solider positioned on the bridge to draw attention. Nasia rushed to assist the cornered Healers and they managed to auto launch a shuttle that the rest of the camp security chased as a distraction.

As Alcamenes fought to hold the bridge Lyciana turned and declared her name. Faced with the ‘witch of the white field’ the whole army retreated.

After that, it was a simple matter of the heroes returning to the ship and removing the collars of the remaining healers.

It is only afterwards that they realised Jorass wasn’t with them.



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