Hellas - The Dogs of Hades

The Healers of Pylos, Part 4

The hills are alive...for now

Lyciana was not happy when Iris informed her that she had been wearing a live bomb around her neck the entire time she was in the Spartan camp. However, she got on with telling the others about her new idea:

Run interference on the remaining Spartan Camps and drop enough clues for them to link it all back to ‘the Amazoran’. Use this as cover to get any remaining Healers of Panacea out then ‘reveal’ that Nasia is actually working for the Zoran Empire. With luck the Spartans will be out raged at the attempt to weaken them and declare war on the approaching Zoran forces to prove their dominance and show they will not be demoralized/diminished by any 2 bit, blue skinned, spy.

Nasia seemed outraged at the plan but Alcameness had to admit that it had some strategic merit. He suggested they finding vantage points and observe the camps to identify the healing areas to narrow the search areas.

Draco mentioned that the remaining defenders on Pylos may be of assistance. However, he was feeling unwell and could not go himself. Nasia volunteered to seek them out.

While the others contemplated the wider plan Alcameness sets out alone to watch the next camp. He found a good position and sat down to a long wait. He was able to determine that the healing quarter of the second camp was massively understaffed and also noted the patrol routes.

Meanwhile, in the main camp, Jorass managed to look through the messages Commander Damocyair had received. One stated that the 2nd camp had recently been attacked by the planets remaining forces and had taken heavy damage. Another was a demand for an audience from the Commander of the Hellot camp, saying that they had discovered something of great importance.

While tending to the Commander, she witnesses an arguement between him and the Black Clad Kryptia. The man manages to gain permission to widen the search for ‘the Amazoran’.

Nasia followed the defenders trail into the mountains and came across some advanced scouts. She identified them more as ‘civilians with weapons’ rather than true soldiers and after showing them the correct way to hold a spear she demanded to be taken to their commander.

The scouts took her to a well guarded cave and she is introduced, to her surprise, to the Zoran Darius. As Nasia was not with the Heroes when last they met the blue skinned warrior she was unaware of his separation from his home empire. Despite this they get on well and Nasia spends the night in his quarters.

At the 2nd camp Alcamenes finally made his way into the camp, choosing one of the patrol routes for his approach. He ordered the lead guard to organise some healers to go aid a patrol that had been attacked. However, the guard informed him that the resistance stole the majority of the healers when they attacked. He gets in to see those remaining but cannot identify any of Panacea. He gives the guard a dressing down as cover and leaves.

On the way out of the camp he is recognised by another Spartan in the camp. Volterus, an old comrade, who was not aware of Alcamenes defection. He avoids the mans questions while asking some of his own over a drink before departing. He finds out that the defenders broke into the camp specifically to raid the medical supplies and that the invasion was not going as smoothly as high command would like.

Alcamenes returned to the ship and informed Lyciana of what he learnt in the camp. He was amused by the fact that she had been running around after the Healers they had already rescued, stopping them from hurting themselves. Even she had to admit it was poetic justice as she finally realised everything she must have put the others through.

They come up with the plan to wait for Nasia to return and guide them to the defenders camp where they will trade the captured Spartan for their assistance and, hopefully, any Healers they now have.

Jorass continued to gather intelligence in the main camp.

In the defenders camp word comes in that a Spartan patrol is nearby. They immediately start to pack up but it is slow. Nasia offers to slow them down to give the defenders time to escape.

She tricks the patrol into following her then runs far enough ahead that they keep pursuing. A lucky shot from one of the following men hits her on the shoulder and burns through her armour. She fights through the pain and triggers a rock slide with her power bow.

She heads back to the Gorgo and stumbles into the ship were all the healers descend on her and see to her injury.

Once treated, Nasia relays what she has learnt, omitting her amorous relations with Darius. The rest of the heroes are surprised to hear of his involvement and Iris mention how happy Jorass will be to learn of his presence as they got on so well last time. Nasia does not look please at the suggestion.



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