Hellas - The Dogs of Hades

The Healers of Pylos, Part 5

Meetings old and new

Jorass continued the guise of the dutiful servant and took every opportunity to drop hints that ‘the Amazoran’ was a greater concern than previous thought.

Back on the ship, Lyciana changed into her armour before she, Nasia and Draco escorted their ‘guest’ into the mountains. Nasia found their trail but they were unable to locate them before night fall. As they made camp that night their ‘guest’ tells them the tale of ‘Alcamenes the Butcher’ whose deeds were so brutal even the kryptia were shocked.

Meanwhile at the Hellot camp, Alcamenes boldly walked in just as he had for the last Spartan encampment. He demanded to be taken to the commander of the watch and was led, by a very shocked guard, to the ‘house of pleasures’. Disgusted at the man’s abandonment of his duty, Alcamenes drags the naked watch commander out into the camp and straight to the camp Commandant.

After slaying one of the door guards who refused to get out of his way, Alcamenes dropped the watch commander at her feet and informs her of him leaving his post. The Commandant is ruthless in her punishment and sends him to become a slave whore to the mercenaries.

The Spartan twists the truth to try and get her to reveal the information she sent to the High Commander. The commandant tells that she has discovered a way to heal even the most grievous of wounds. When Alcamenes demands a demonstration, the commandant calls in her scribe, Lysander, and cuts his throat. She then brings out a young man in healers robes and manipulates him to heal the dying solider.

Meanwhile, in the hills Nasia manages to lead the group up to the defenders new camp. Lyciana and Darius greet each other like old friend and, when questions, informs them that he did take the healers. They are safe at the Defenders main camp which is hidden deeper into the mountains. However, he is reluctant to tell the heroes of as they are filled with non-combatants. He promises to ask if Lyciana can be allowed to see them.

That night they are given the hospitality of the camp, Lyciana sees to the wounded and Draco sees to his weapons.

It is not long before Draco realises he is being watched by two young boys. He takes the lads under his wing and teaches them some basics of weapon training to aid them in their coming battles.

The following morning Darius calls for the heroes. He has permission to take Lyciana to the main camp, but only Lyciana. She manages to convincea reluctant Nasia to let her go.

At the Hellot Camp, Alcameness smiled at the finished demonstration. He makes a note of the guard who is healed as he knows he will need to deal with him later. Playing on the Commandants obvious ambition he writes her a new order giving her a mass promotionand offers it in exchange for all she knows of these ‘new Healers’.

She jumps at the chance and reveals all she knows of the Healers of Panacea, which is nearly everything. She becomes suspicious when he reveals he has similar knowledge. However, he finally signs the order and accept a glass of wine which deflects some of her suspicion. He paces the tent while running through future plans to distract her before stepping up behind her and running her through with his sword.

He cuts his way out the back of the tent and takes the Healer, Orion, with him. He stashes the boy in a hollow and goes back to hunt down the scribe Lysander. Once he gets the scribe away from the camp he does away with him and throws him in a ditch. He picks up the now unconscious healer and carries him back to the Gorgo.

Elsewhere, in the mountains, Nasia and Draco both take it upon themselves to train the defenders in the camp while waiting for Lyciana to return. They do much to encourage the defenders and shape them into a much more effective fighting force.

After a long trek through the mountains Darius questions Lyciana’s true reason for coming to the world. She tells the truth: that she is searching for lost healers. Darius can tell that it is not the whole truth however he does not push the issue and they continue to the hidden camp.

In the healers quarter, Lyciana is taken to the head healer. She immediately recognises the woman as one of Panacea. There is one other of panacea and a guardian who has survived by pretending to be a healer. The young man is over joyed at the prospect of going back to the temple but the head healer is less happy about the prospect of leaving given all the injured. Lyciana attempts to convince her by telling her the tale of how she once tried to heal a whole world and how attempting that here could reveal the whole order and doom them all.



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