Hellas - The Dogs of Hades

The Healers Of Pylos Part 6

The plan comes together

Lenore, the head healer of the camp, was reluctant to leave as she considered it he duty to stay and help the wounded. She argued with Lyciana, saying it was unjustified for her to demand others to obey rules that she herself no longer followed. Lyciana picked her words carefully as she admired the woman’s self reliance. She managed to use a combination of guilt and persuasion to convince Lenore to leave without completely crushing her spirit.

When told she would be leaving with three of the best healers Darius was not happy. Lyciana informed him of the Zoran invasion and told him that she was ‘saving them for when they are most needed’. Lyciana hoped he would at least understand her reasons even if he did not like them. They return to Draco and Nasia and the group make the trek back to the Gorgo.

In the main Spartan camp a report was received that a Zoran mercenary was leading part of the resistance. Jorass took the opportunity to drop rumour s about a Zoran couple who came in ‘from opposite sides’ to spread confusion and weaken an enemy before a major Zoran attack. With the worry already present over ‘The Amazoran’ the rumours ran wild and the Spartan camps were quickly awash with misinformation.

As Draco, Nasia and Lyciana enter the ship they are greeted by Orion, the misguided Healer Alcamenes had rescued, demanding to be returned to his ‘beloved’. The Spartan openly tells a shortened version of how Orion had betrayed the Order and was actively using his gift at the Commandants request and in front of witnesses. Upon hearing the tale, Lyciana steps up and hits the boy sharply across the face. She informs him in a cold voice that if he ever does it again she will kill him herself.

As all the Healer now refuse to talk to the lad Alcamenes speaks to him. He convinces the boy to explain what truly happened in the Hellot camp as a means to regaining the Healers trust.

Commander Damycair was becoming more stressed as the report finally arrived that the Commandant of the Hellot camp had been killed. HE sent members of the Kyptia to the two remaining camps in preparation of additional trouble.

Jorass managed to convince the Commander that the Commandant was likely assassinated on Zoran orders. She suggests that, perhaps, the Kyptia allowed this to happen to undermine his authority so they could have him replaced. When the news comes in that it was a member of the kyptia that entered the Hellot camp shortly before the commandant was killed, his paranoia increased. He throws Jorass off and orders her to leave as he summoned his officers.

However, as Gorgos avatar is hidden in the generals tent the AI is able to relays what the officers are talking about to the rest of the group onboard ship. Yet, Gorgo is confused as they appear to be mentioning ‘long knives’ and she doesn’t understand. The heroes promise to explain later and have her avatar remain where it is.

As the last camp was much further than the others, the heroes moved Gorgo from her hiding place to within range. Alcameness leds the scout on the final camp. He suggested getting the resistance to attack as a distraction to rescue all the healers in the camp. Those of Panacea could then be taken aboard Gorgo and the others stay with the resistance. As Darius was still not that happy with Lyciana, the healer suggests Nasia goes to make contact with the resistance.

In the mountains, Darius was reluctant to take his men into such an uneven fight. He calls Nasia a ‘woman’ and she hits him. He hits back and there is a pause before the two kiss and embrace. After the inevitable, Nasia asks if he is willing to help her with the distraction. She explains that his men will only have to attack a patrol or two and not face the camp directly. He agrees.

As Alcamenes watches the final camp he sees some Healers escorted out by the Kyptia and executed. In the time it takes Nasia to return, Alcamenes witnesses at least 1 healer being executed every day. He make a mental not to repay the Spartans in kind for their actions.

Darius brings a squad of fighters with him and meets the heroes at the agreed point. Alcamenes explains what he had seen at the camp. None are happy with the news of the executions. The Spartan promises retribution and lays out the plan to Darius. He and his men are to draw out as many of the camp soldiers as they can so the heroes can get inside and liberate the healers. If necessary, Gorgo could fly herself in to extract the heroes. The group arrange a signal for the start of the attack and head off. Darius and Nasia wish each other luck and honour in the coming battle. Everyone then sets off for their designated areas for the coming attack.



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