Spartan warrior who has broken away from Sparta.



Health: 6
Composure: 6
Wealth: 5

Fate: 6


  • Son of Lycurgis (Spartan Background)
  • Rising Star of the Krypteia (Ruthless and Dedicated)
  • Seige of Pylos (Moral Questioning)
  • Independence of Thought (Considering each Action)
  • Even the Score (Protect the Underdogs)
  • Clotho Aspect (Birth): Birth Month, Gamelion; Protection of Artemis
  • Lachesis Aspect (Destiny): Unmask the Secret Masters
  • Atropos Aspect (Fate): Fated to die alone after destroying a Kingdom


6 – Arms – close combat weapons
5 – Athletics – default physical defence skill
4 – Brawling – unarmed blows and grapples
4 – Stealth
4 – Glory
3 – Alertness
3 – Command – leadership and inspiration of others
3 – Stamina – provides bonus to Health stress track
3 – Tactics
2 – Intimidation
2 – Investigation
2 – Might – raw physical strength for performing feats. No effect on damage
2 – Resolve – provides bonus to Composure stress track, also possible composure defence
1 – Atropos
1 – Demolition
1 – Engineering (Space) – theoretical and practical knowledge
1 – EVA – anything relating to working or fighting in space, includes zero gravity movement, vacuum suit use & repair etc.
1 – Grooming – includes hair, make-up and oiling up
1 – Ranged Weapons (Projectile/Energy/Exotic)
1 – Survival


  • Have A Thing: Family Weapons (Heirloom Power Spear (Damage Bonus 6, Range 1(t)); Heirloom Power Sword (Damage Bonus 5, Range 0))
  • Have A Thing: Military Armour (Full suit of Bio-Ceramic Hoplite Armour (Armour 3) and Bio-Ceramic Hoplite Shield (Armour +1, +2))
  • Have A Thing: Ship (Part share in the Bireme “The Gorgo”)
  • Skill Enhancement: Military Grade Arms (Ability to use all Military Grade Melee Weapons)
  • Skill Enhancement: Military Grade Ranged Weapons (Energy) (Ability to use all Military Grade Ranged Energy Weapons)
  • Skill Substitution: Adapting to Civilians (May use his Command skill in place of Etiquette when dealing with people)
  • Skill Substitution: If you hear it enough, you’ll learn (Has the ability to use own Alertness skill to use a ships systems)
  • Skill Substitution: Natural Warrior (Has the ability to use own Arms skill to fight a ships weapons)
  • Skill Substitution: Wisdom of a Simple Soldier (Has the ability to use own Arms skill when publicly speaking to reflect the gravitas of his words)


  • Full Suit of Bio-Ceramic Hoplite armour (Armour +3) with Bio-Ceramic Shield (Armour +1 , Defence +1)
  • Heirloom Power Spear (Damage: +6, Range: 1)
  • Hairloom Power Sword (Damage: +5, Range: 0)
  • Blaster Rifle (Damage: +5, Range: 4, 2 Handed)

Alcamenes is a Spartan by birth, and a Spartan by nature. Even as a child he was quickly spotted as one marked by the Gods, and once he passed through the Agoge he flourished in the military, and was eventually recruited into the Kryptea. He served with distinction in numerous war zones, and on Kryptean covert operations, but after several years began to question the continual wars waged by the Spartans and other Hellene races, when there was clearly a greater threat to the stability of the Mesocosmos in the form of the Zoran Empire.

His feelings finally crystallised at the Battle of the White Field, where he witnessed first hand the slaughter of the defenceless by sections of the Spartan Military. At this point he decided that he could not stand idly by while such outrages were committed, and actively helped a small unit of healers escape, before simply walking away from the only life he’d know, and ventured out into the Mesocosmos.

He found life difficult at first, but over the next few months met a Xintar named Erke, and later the pair joined a disparate group of fellow travelers, and a sentient vessel named The Gorgo. Although Erke later traveled home, Alcamenes chose to remain with the explorers feeling as though he’d found his place in the Mesocosmos.


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