Healer of the Secret Order of Panacea

Health 7
Composure 9
Wealth 5
Fate Points 6
Birth Winters Child
Upbringing Healer of Apollo
Battle of White Field Held Back an Army to save her Fellows
Sole Survivour of Pelikos Tried to heal the Plague
Purge the Unclean Cleaned an Infected
Nobody Dies Today! -
Fate of Clotho Living Panacea
Fate of Lachesis Search for the Rules of Life
Fate of Atropos Shall be Killed by a Raging Beast
Panacea Remove damage to others, takes 1/2 that damage herself
Ship Stunt Medical Facilities
Armour of the Mind +2 Composure
Equal Trade, a Life for a Life Can be a Human Shield, must be in same Zone, FP to activate
Skill Sub: It’s all Greek to Me Healing for Biological Sciences and some Chemistry
Skill Sub: I Know How to Hurt You Ranged for Intimidate
Have a Thing Light Recurve Blaster
Have a Thing Bag of Medical Tricks
Superb (+5) Healing - - - - - -
Great (+4) Resolve Ranged (Energy) Glory Athletics - - -
Good (+3) Empathy Alertness Stamina Charm - - -
Fair (+2) Stealth Brawling Deception Investigation Arms - -
Average (+1) Etiquette Theology Oratory Starship Systems Atropos Command Scholar
Light Recurve Blaster Range: 2 Damage: 5 Pen 0 Note: 2 Handed
Definatly not healers robes - - - -
PDA - - - -
Medical Hand Scanner - - - -
Pendant of Order of Panacea - - - -
Knife - - - -

Lyciana wears light armour emblazoned with a red eyed snake’s head on almost every excusion off the ship. Her bow is never far from her hand and she always carries a selection of medical supplies. Her long blonde hair is normally held up by an elaborate clasp that is actually several functional surgical implements so she may never fear being without the required tools. She wears a pendant of the staff of Asclepius which has ruby red eyes to denote her being a member of the Order of Panacea.

While on the ship she wears basic robes, mostly blues and greens, and spends a great deal of time attempting to educate her young apprentice, Testor. She still keeps her white healers robes but does not like to wear them as she no longer sees that as her singular purpose in life.

She is currently learning self defense from Jorass and continues to avoid Alcamenes as much as possible. This is mainly due to her confessing to his face that she liked him while she was inebriated. Whilst she is relatively sure she is over her infatuation she still feels acutely embarrassed when he is around.

Lyciana’s relationship with Gorgo, the ships AI, is closer than most as she has asked the avatar to serve as her Guard. When using her Gift of Panacea for extended periods Lyciana depends on Gorgo to warn her when she is approaching death and ‘pull her out’.

All the current crew, except for Iris and Testor, are aware of the truth about the Gift. Iris was not present when it was revealed and Testor, who’s life was saved by it, was unconscious. Lyciana is unwilling to break one of the highest edicts of her old order a second time by telling anyone else and so, for now, the remaining two crew members are ignorant as to the true extend of her healing powers.


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