Hellas - The Dogs of Hades

The Healers of Pylos, Part 2

Plots,Plans and Patiences

Draco and Alcameness spent some time getting a lay of the land and making sure the information they had gathered stayed up to date.

Whereas, in the officers’ quarters, Jorass gave an impressive dance performance that led to her being ‘claimed’ by none other than Commander Damocyair himself. As it had been her intention to move ‘up the chain’ as she put it, she did nothing to hinder the transfer of ‘ownership’ and set about making herself useful to yet another master.

Meanwhile, Lyciana sort out Nasia and stated her intension to rescue the other Healers of the Order from the Spartan camp to prevent them from revealing them all. Nasia replied that she was only bound to protect Lyciana and, while she would help her, she would not hesitate to remove anyone who got in the way of her duty regardless of their affiliations.

After the Healer had gone Nasia received an invitation to have dinner with the Spartan commander. She was somewhat surprised to see Jorass acting as his body slave but recovered quickly. They shared some small talk and a pleasant meal. The commander came across as a practical and efficient man who saw blood shed as a necessary by product of his calling rather than something to be sort after.

Nasia though the meeting was going well, however Jorass recognised the glint in the commanders eye. He was suspicious of the warrioress. His probing questions about the Amazorans ‘friend’ confirmed her theory but she was unable to give any kind of warning without giving herself away.
Despite the mistrust, Nasia was still able to convince him to give her permission to leave the compound and search for her missing companion outside the walls with the aid of a healer, in case her friend was injured.

After she had left Jorass was ordered to pour more wine for the other guest. The nymph did so and was surprised when a second man detached himself from the shadows. The two confirmed that the Amazoran needed to be watched however Jorass was dismissed before she could hear more.

The next morning, worried that their already sketchy plan was under threat, Jorass found Lyciana and explained what had happened. The healer only replied that the opportunity to get one of the Healers out of the compound was too good to miss regardless of the risks. They must trust in the skills of their new ally. After all, the High Priestess had thought her able to protect Lyciana so she had to be a great warrior with a significant ability to handle ‘difficult’ individuals.

They agreed a location out of sight of the camp and relaid the information to Alcameness and Draco through Gorgos avatar. When Nasia arrived to collect her assigned healer she simply argued like a horse dealer with the overseer until she got on ‘sprightly enough to keep up yet with enough skill to be of use’ which just so happened to be the elder Healer of Panacea, Regina, that Lyciana pushed forward at the required moment.

Wearing his old Spartan regalia and accompanied by a far less convincingly disguised Draco, Alcameness cautiously approached the rendezvous and spotted the man following the pair they had been sent to meet. As Draco acted as decoy he surprised the man and questioned him. He learnt that the Commander has order the Amazoran to be followed before he knocked the man out and carried him away.

Meanwhile, Nasia spoke with Draco and, after some initial confusion over the young mans claims, agreed to follow him back to the ship.

Back in the healing quarter of the camp, the man who had spoken to the commander gathered the healers together and demanded to know who the Amazoran had spoken to. Attempting to misdirect his attention, Lyciana stepped forward and timidly said she was questioned over the types of injuries caused by specific weapons and the means of identifying them. This had the undesired effect of having her taken away for ‘further questions’. Fearing an outburst from the two remaining Healers of Panacea, Lyciana waited until she was out of the building and well away from the normal areas of the compound before attempting to break free.

She took down one of her escorts quickly but the second was much more difficult and she took several solid blows before finally dispatching him. As his body fell to the ground she once again found herself with dead Spartans at her feet and couldn’t help but recall the Battle of White Field and all the blood it had produced.



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